Friday, 23 March 2012

The freezing Guardsman

I have finally been able to start work on my Imperial Guard! The first five models are almost finished. I made the decision to go for a classical Cadian Regiment in the typical green and khaki. However the army is going to be winter themed and I'm not quite sure how this will effect the models. At the moment I have two differnt types. The first is a normal Cadian with a snow base.
As you can see the decal is still drying as I am writing, but that is not the point. There are still some points that need to be cleaned up, but in general this would be one of the options to settle a model on a winter base and call it day. I'm happy with the model but I can't get over the feeling that something is missing. The test model I did has been weathered with brown on the boots and trousers to give him a muddy dirty look. These guys are frontline soldiers after all and I'm pretty sure that they'd get pretty dirty and grubby in the process of fighting the universal terrors of the fourty-fist millenium. Furthermore I have "frosted" the poor chap up a bit to give him a winter appearance. I basically did this by gently dry brushing the armour and the helmet in white. I also gently touched up his face and rife. I kind of like the look but I'm not sure if it looks "authentic" or if I might want to use a differnt technique to weather my Cadians. I'll still need to give weathering some thought and might check out the web for some more pics of weathered winter minis. Now I'll better get cracking on with a bit of Uni work!

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