Thursday, 26 April 2012

April depression

This month has not been productive at all as I was not able to make a single brushstroke. Assignment dates are due and I have been working non stop on assignments regarding international sales contracts and banking regulation. Two to go more weeks of this and I should be finally done for this semester. However befor I get started on my Imperial Guardsmen, I'll probably go out and get sloshed to celebrate the end of the great April depression. At present 10 guardsmen are asembled and painted, so that's another 10 to go plus heavy weapons team plus command squad plus a centinel walk and the transport tank. Then I've still got the Marcovians that I'll still need to do.
I've also been thinking about gaming tables and have been flirting with the idea of getting the big realms of battle modular system from GW. On the other hand 200 Euros is a lot of money and I don't realy have the space to store it. The other alternative is making some terrain for my grassmat, I'll probably need to get some trees and make some hills. If anyone has seen the "beasts of war" table that they sometimes use to make their videos you can get the rough idea of how a gaming table using a grassmat and terrain can look. And their table looks awesome! Anyway got to go and get cracking, painting will proceed in a couple of weeks!