Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Due to the bad weather conditions, predominantly the cold temperatures, my imperial guard army has yet to be base coated! As I cannot use my spray cans inside my flat I usually do my base coating outside on the balcony (which has left a somewhat telling black mark on the wooden tiles I painted last year, during a midnight drunk base coating session of my ork flamers and looters). However with temperatures being at around about -15 degrees I am reluctant to use the spray cans as I fear that the resulting base coat may be comprimised.

So I have stuck to assembling and painting the rest of the Space Marines. So they will be getting 5 more assault troopers and an entire tactical squad. I would post some pics but I am still waiting for some supplies to be delivered as I want to try and use my decals on these models. I have seen a great tutorial on the miniwargaming website that should lead to some pretty neat results. I will be using decal solutions in order to apply the squad markings. If they turn out allright I might consider remarking all of my Marines as my free hand skills are pretty poor as you may have seen on my banners.

Anyway as soon as this stuff arrives I will show you what I did and how it worked out and I'll have a look if I can find the video tutorial over at miniwargaming.

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